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ULYSSES International Studies maintains special relations with various universities in the world. Through these partnerships our students may benefit from:

  • Our network and key contacts to obtain the latest information
  • Continuous Updates of all programme developments
  • Reduced UIS registration fees in some cases

Although we are an independent counseling agency we work with partner universities worldwide. If we receive an agent fee the total amount is paid to the admitted student. If we consider there is mutual interest in our partnership, no fees are requested. Making the decision to study in a foreign country and going through the application process is a personal journey of self-growth and discovery. You will need to make yourself stand out by bringing your uniqueness and academic strengths to light. Having somebody next to you who has solid and practical experience will enhance your chances of success.

MariŽt, founder of ULYSSES International Studies, assist students with selecting and applying to, international universities particularly in the United States, Canada, United-Kingdom, and Netherlands. MariŽt has contributed to numerous international projects and successfully accompanied her daughters who have integrated into life at King's College London and University of California, Berkeley. She perceived significant differences in the application procedures and information requested. MariŽt developed a unique approach and set of tools to guide others through this demanding and often confusing process. Having lived in the United States, the Netherlands, and France, MariŽt is not only multilingual, but is also able to offer cultural insights that are invaluable to the selection and application process.

ULYSSES International Studies is an independent council agency and works with renowned universities around the world. ULYSSES International Studies is UCAS registered centre and MariŽt is an illustrious British Council Agent.

Today we have a success rate of 100%. Our students have been accepted to prestigious universities such as Imperial College London, King's College London, University of Warwick, McGill, University of Amsterdam, and UC Berkeley.

Whether you are planning on studying abroad for a month, a trimester, a bachelor's, or a master's degree, we will work WITH you and FOR you. We will establish a one-on-one relationship and a personalised service tailored to your goals - mapping out the plan, guiding you on your path, and optimizing your chances of success.

We believe that all students who yearn to study abroad should be given the opportunity and tools to succeed!

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